Sunday’s always a day when I see happy couples holding hands and families spending quality time together. It’s really a lovely sight to see even if you’re single because it’s a great reminder of what to look forward to in your next committed relationship.

Today got me thinking though, why do some girls deliberately go after a guy knowing they are already in a relationship? Do they want to steal him away because he seems so happy?

Is it because it’s an adrenaline rush in their own unfulfilled (boring) life?
The thrill of getting caught perhaps?
Or maybe it’s payback from being cheated on by someone else so they try to justify it because it’s already happened to them before?

Let me be clear, I’m not for one second sticking up for the males in this whole cheating scenario, it takes two to tango and they’re the one doing the dirty (and getting an ego boost on the side)!

Trust me, these type of guys are scumbags in my opinion.

What confuses me though is why the whole ‘sisterhood code’ doesn’t even come into the females conscience?

What if there are no willing females for men to cheat with? Then they can’t actually cheat right? By allowing them to have their cake and eat it too it’s doing so much more damage than you could ever imagine.

Firstly the imprint onto yourself is that you’re not worthy of having your own man, one who gives you his full undivided attention, who is loyal and always respectful.

Second to this, he now knows he can get away with it! Do you think he’s really going to leave her now?

Let’s be frank, karma is a bitch and it will bite anyone on their hot little ass so if you’re currently the ‘other girl’ thinking this is just some innocent fun then it’s time to think again.

Stop pretending his girlfriend/ fiancé/ wife does not exist or that she somehow deserves all of this! That girlfriend is a real person and the girl at home was me (only 2 years ago).