Some of you know my story about how I’ve had a history of disappointing relationships with men.

I struggled to find adult males in my life who actually had their shit together and I was so confused as to why this was the case?

I could have gone 1 of 2 ways:

1. Either HATE on men by deciding they’re all the same and give up hope of ever finding a great guy as a life partner (and jump the fence with my sexual preference)


2. Find FORGIVENESS and research why so many men have trouble being in loving relationships

I chose the latter option and through this process I discovered common themes as to why men struggled to dig deep into their emotions.

My conclusion is I do actually blame society for moulding them to suppress their feelings!

I absolutely cringe when I hear young boys being told off for crying by their parents.

How about that common term we all know so well:
‘Stop acting like a girl’ when they show even a glimpse of real emotion?

And then once they are older an accepted mentality in some circles of ‘Boys will be boys’ if they cheat on their loving partner?

I started to feel a lot of sadness for men, the majority of guys that were actually good people inside but who got lost within the system of life.

What are we truly teaching young boys who will one day grow up to become someone’s lover, life partner, best friend, a child’s father or work colleague?

There didn’t seem to be enough Support Groups to help males become REAL MEN.

Women were wanting to call in:

Men with integrity

Men who want to be the best version of themselves

Men who want to respect & honour women

Men who are allowed to express their emotions, wants and needs without feeling forced to suppress his desires

Men who can fully step into their Masculine Power (which actually includes being vulnerable at times)

but it was so hard to find this type of male. Did he even exist?

Well thankfully times are changing and I was honoured to witness this first hand last year.

I have featured¬†Dave McDermott Masculine Empowerment¬†coach before on BSA and I’m so grateful to have accepted his invitation to join in on one of his Retreats/ Workshops.

I was one of the female panelists who allowed the men to ask us anything they wanted to know about females and how we really tick.

And may I tell you…WOW!

It was such a pleasure and an absolute delight to see these men first of all take full ownership with their self improvement process and for really wanting to become the best that they can be.

I felt so much respect for them all and they too showed enormous amounts of love and honour to the female panelists.

I was blown away by the genuine concern for our well being as they’d all stepped into their true Masculine power which then allowed us to embrace our Feminine charm.

So thank you again to Dave and the beautiful brave men in attendance for reminding me that you do exist, that change is in fact happening right now and it’s definitely time for this conscious awakening within our society.

Much love to you all!

Big Sis